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Resident Spotlight Presents...

"Walkin' man Joe"

Joe is one of Eden's "original" homeowners who enjoys his community and has seen many changes over the years within our neighborhood.  


I have had the priviledge of being his neighbor for more than 7 years and enjoy visitations from his cat "Not Joe" (Nachoe).  When we first moved in, he introduced himself to me, then introduced his cat.  He said, "I'm Joe, and he's Not Joe".  


He has fond memories of the summers when "Neighborhood Block Parties" were held, and still enjoys walking down to a neighbors house, who hosts 4th of July parties, with folding chair in hand.  


Joe used to walk 5 miles within Eden every day for several years, he'd visit with many residents along his daily journeys, one of them coined his nickname, "Walkin' man Joe" because of how much he walked each day.


Joe spends his afternoons sitting just under the cover of his garage in front of his driveway and does a "security watch" for a few hours while soaking in some vitamin D's from the sun.  He is a kind man with a good heart. 


Thank you Joe for being a great neighbor!  

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