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E D E N     G A R D E N     C L U B

~ Mission Statement ~


To provide education, resources and opportunity for its members to promote the love of gardening, design, civic and environmental responsibility.

Garden Club Events

Eden Backyard Garden Tour

~Betty Sides

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event and for those who have worked hard at keeping your property beautiful and sharing its beauty with others. 

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Before you enter "Eden", there is a little pond,

with ducks and geese and turtles, of which we are quite fond.

It usually is a quiet place, a nice spot to stop and rest.

But when the ducks and geese have babies, it is nature at its best.

The children love to feed them all, they are having so much fun.

Please help preserve this precious place, the very best you can.

~ Eva Marie Templeton            

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