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Information regarding the proposed development is written below. After you review the information below, we want to HEAR from you!  Please click on the "VOTE NOW" button to go to the online Poll to cast your vote.  

Please Note: Voting is open NOW thru February 22nd. 

Resolution on Opposing the Proposed Development by

Prospera HCS / NRP Group at 3600 Thousand Oaks


Whereas Prospera HCS / NRP Group (hereafter referred to as ‘the developer’), developers of low-income housing properties, have entered into a conditional purchase agreement for the property at 3500 / 3763 Thousand Oaks (lot between Dutch Boy Cleaners and Eddie’s Taco House) for the purpose of constructing 120 low-income apartments in seven structures of 2-3 stories;


Whereas the developer has submitted an application to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) to obtain Housing Tax Credits (HTC) for the purpose of subsidizing construction costs and rents;

Whereas the awarding of HTC is influenced by the support or opposition of the surrounding community, the local City Council, and the State Representative of the district in which the property is located;


Whereas the 'condition' of the property purchase is the awarding of said HTC; Whereas in the event the developer is awarded HTC and completes the purchase of said property, the developer will then petition the City of San Antonio to re-zone the property from its current C-2 (commercial) to MF-25 (multi-family);


Whereas, if re-zoning is recommended for approval by the San Antonio Zoning Commission and then approved by the San Antonio City Council, the developer may then obtain permits and begin construction; now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Board of Trustees (Board) of the Eden Homeowners Association (HOA) is opposed to the proposed development described herein, and recommends to the general membership of the HOA and to the residents at-large of the Eden subdivision that:


1.   The Board lead and take active measures in opposition to the developer's application for HTC and its subsequent petition for re-zoning;


2.    Said measures may include, but not be limited to, pursuing a collaborative effort with adjacent subdivisions; preparing and circulating a petition consistent with the theme of this Resolution; preparing and providing comment at scheduled public hearings; and requesting an audience with Councilman Gallagher (District 10), Representative Straus (District 121), and Senator Campbell (District 25) for the purpose of persuading them to actively oppose the developer's pursuits;


3.    The Board seek the concurrence and general approval of Eden residents for these efforts by presenting a ballot by the most efficient and time-sensitive means, and that the Board respect and abide by the results of this balloting.


4.    The Board continue to make available to the residents, information materials on the proposed development and on the government processes associated with it.


Adopted on this 9th day of February, 2016, by unanimous vote from those in attendance at the monthly Board meeting.

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