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As an Eden HOA member, your opinions are treasured, and your thoughts and comments count. By becoming a member of the HOA, not only will your involvement permit the association to host more suggested neighborhood events, (listed below), but you will also have access to special events and privileges  this website offers to its members. 


  • Memorial Day Tributes

  • Holiday Picnics at the Pond

  • Holiday Activities

  • Garden Club Food Drive for San Antonio Food Bank

  • MarketPlace Events at Pond

  • Garden Club School Supply Drive

Your home is your single most important financial investment.  The best way to continue to protect your investment and provide a safe and friendly environment for your family, is to become a member of an association that can make improvements happen, as well as provide the resources needed to preserve the reason you live here. Our greatest neighborhood asset is the Eden Duck Pond.  Current membership supports it but is insufficient to fund suggested improvements of our area; such as: 


  • Grounds upkeep at the pond

  • Fence upkeep around the pond area

  • Landscaping

  • Educational Materials for caring for our wildlife

  • Free Community Events year round

Why Join?

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